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342,000 Broad Match Searches per mont - Industry Keyword - TwelveVolt.com


Domain Name offered for sale or lease

• Domain 19 Years Old
• 342,000 Broad Match Searches per month
• Industry Keyword
• Unlimited Development Potential

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The simplicity of this Keyword domain has the power to connect - whether your audience is consumer direct, Commercial or Industrial, www.TwelveVolt.com can charge your audience up!!

As an integral part of our daily lives, batteries keep things working behind the scenes and allow many items to function seamlessly. Remember driving to work today? Did you even think about your car battery firing up to start your car engine? Probably not, but that’s ok – it was there sitting and ready to assist you on your drive. While that is only one example, there are many different ways this Domain can be developed into a viable, money making enterprise either as a stand-alone site or as a complimentary site that funnels customers to your main site. The possibilities are astounding.

Campers \ RVs, Power Supply, Tiny Homes / Houses, LED, Solar Power, Auto, Boats, ATVs and UTVs, Hand Tools, Toys, Batteries, ETC…


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